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land reclamation

The Beginning

The formation was first imparted by the U.S. Army specialists and from instructors of the Rastrellamento Mine training school which subsequently allowed Enrico Mennini to be among the first reclaimers of national territory. With the experience acquired in the course of systematic reclamation of Italian soil which brought, the overall discovery of 250 thousand of various types of plane bombs, 20 million grenades and artillery shells different sizes, 220 thousand tons of explosives of various kinds, 101 million hand grenades and bullets, 12 thousand mines.
Enrico Mennini succeeded in transforming the initially courageous volunteer efforts in the early 50’s into a cooperative. Founding in the early 50’s the Compagnia Vecchi Sminatori thus creating job opportunities.

Compagnia Vecchi Sminatori

Since 1973 Covesmi is a limited company. Certified by the Ministry of Defense to operate in the reclamation of land and underwater from explosive remnants of war. Over time it has been able to maintain its role as a key partner along with major construction companies in the implementation of the most important public and private sector in the last forty years which has enriched the national territory.


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