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land reclamation


The Yard
Clearance of surfaces
Depth Clearance
Excavation Investigations
The final stages
Room Expansion

Romm Expansion
Having developed a specific experience in this sector, undoubtedly complementary to the land reclamation operation from explosive remnants of war CO.VE.SMI is today in a position to offer itself as a reference company for setting up special expansion rooms designed for the act of destructing explosives, working on the planning and direction of the Military Administration.
CO.VE.SMI is able to prepare, in any part of Italy, the necessary facilities in order to avoid, during the blasting, both the direct action of thermomecchanics and indirect action of projective splinters a/o material present on the prechosen site for the operations.

Equipment and materials used in the construction for the expansion chambers for the blasting of a U.S.A. aerial bomb in Ostiglia (MN) at a river bed location.

  • No.2 reinforced borders 300x200x200 cm thickness 20 cm Road Class 1st Category.
  •  2000 m3 of loose sand.
  •  100 of straw for the construction of a cavity with a thickness of 1.00 m.
  • 10 m3 of fir planks 5 cm thickness for cladding secondary chamber with dimensions 500x400x400 cm.
  •  No. 100 bags filled with sand.
  •  50 m of corrugated pipes with a diameter from 50mm complete with core pull wire
  • Mechanical shovel for moving sand
  • Excavator for moving sand
  • Cranes for handling artifacts and bombs.

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