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land reclamation


"Building in safety" characterizes in a precise way the activities of the Company and it represents the awareness of dealing with a threat not yet averted, allowing the workforce to be employed in the construction of the various works in areas free from hidden dangers which war has left in the area. To achieve this goal we are for some time now investing in three key sectors:

CO.VE.SMI. convinced of social and environmental importance of its activities, considers its responsibility to provide the means, expertise and resources to disseminate as much information on the issue of remediation of explosive remnants of war. Infact, in June 1994 CO.VE.SMI organized at the Industrial Association of Mantova, the first conference on these issues and has continued since 2000 with an initiative called ‘TERRITORIAL INVESTIGATIONS’, mapping Italian Provinces primarily involved by war events.
Research provides a detailed list of findings and land reclamation made at various sites, the list of RAF aerial missions and a plan of the Province concerned with highlighted major strategic objectives and the discovery of aerial bombs over the years.
CO.VE.SM.I is the reference advisor for important State Organizations, with major construction firms and for the most prestigious study designs.

CO.VE.SMI. uses exclusive devices approved by the Ministry of Defense and all manufactured by Foerster, from Ferex 4.021 to the most recent Ferex 4.032; moreover it is the first Italian company to be equipped with the Ferex-Dataline 4.800 the most recent innovation of this sector which allows interactive graphic assessment for the calculation of the coordinates of the detected ferromagnetic objects, their location and depth.

CO.VE.SMI. does all the land reclamation operations from explosive remnants of war scrupulously, following all directives issued by the Ministry of Defense and complies with specific Security Plans drawn up in accordance with Decree Laws nr. 626 from 19-9-94, nr. 242 from 19-3-96 and nr. 494 from 14-8-98.


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